Our Ballard Family Farm:  Dexter Cattle
Dexter cattle were added to our farm in 2021.  We currently have a small herd of show quality cattle.  We strive to raise structurally correct cattle with deep flanks, heavy body mass, and clean necks.  Sound udder structure is also of importance in our cows regardless of whether or not we plan to milk them.

We have several heifers that have A2/A2 milk genetics.  Our cattle will be PHA and chondro (dwarfism) free.  Polled is our preference, however, not all are homozygous polled.  Our cows and heifers are all 38" to 46" tall.  Although we do have a few that are on the taller side, we are conscientiously breeding to avoid individuals that are larger than the breed standard.  

Future plans include possibly milking a few cows to make yogurt and cheese.  We also plan to have beef available as we continue to grow and expand our operation.


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