Our Ballard Family Farm:  Dexter Cows and Heifers
Sprague's Dori  ADCA 48332 DOB 5/15/2020
Wild Red​
Height ​45"

Dori has had multiple breed championships.  She is a very clean fronted, thick heifer with a super personality.  She is bred to Silvercreek Kent for a late spring 2024 calf.  ​​


     Our Cows and Heifers
Sprague's Marzipan  ADCA 46437 DOB 9/21/2019
Height 44"

Marzi is a very well bred cow with a calm disposition.  She is clean necked and stout.  She calved without assistance and was a great mother to her first calf, Ballard Family Titan.  She is bred to Glenn Land Mr. Imar for a spring 2024 calf.  ​​​​
Hanging out at the
​'all you can eat' buffet

Glenn Land Ms. Kate  ADCA 52391 DOB 3/12/22
Height 39"​​

Kate is probably one of our best heifers.  She is super clean fronted, deep flanked and correct on her legs.  She will stay super clean and feminine as she matures.  Kate is a smaller heifer that is chondro free and A1/A2. She is maturing very well and we are excited for the 2024 show season. ​ She is bred to Ballard Family Titan for a fall 2024 calf.  
Sprague's Dori close to calving.
Ballard Family Deidre 
​​May 2023 heifer​
Ballard Family Titan March 2022 bull
Mooster's AW Dream ADCA 37037
​​DOB 4/15/15
Height 44"​

Dream is an older cow that is holding up very well.  She is very clean fronted and structurally correct.  We bought her with a heifer calf at side (Sheen's Loreta ADCA 53675) that is part of our current show string.  She is bred to Ballard Family Titan for a spring 2024 calf.  We are excited for the future with Dream.​​​
Sheen's Evelyn ADCA 52933
DOB 4/23/19
Red, Height 46"​

​Evelyn is a cow that we are very excited to have purchased in the summer of 2023.  She has a super, well-suspended udder that she passes on.  ​She is a very feminine but beefy cow with a clean neck and great conformation.  She came to us with a heifer calf at side (Sheen's Tanya ADCA 53676) that is part of our current show string.  Evelyn is bred to Ballard Family Titan for a spring 2024 calf.  We can't wait to see her calf sired by our bull.  ​
Sheen's Tanya
​March 2023 heifer
Sheen's Loreta
​March 2023 heifer
Silvercreek Kerri ADCA 51784
​DOB 11/23/21
Dark Red
Height 43"
Kerri is out of an outstanding cow with great udder structure. She has A2A2​ genes. Kerri was the 2023 Champion Dexter Heifer at OYE.  ​She is bred to Glen Land Mr. Imar for March 2024 calf. ​