Our Ballard Family Farm:  Dexter Cows and Heifers
Sprague's Dori  ADCA 48332 DOB 5/15/2020
Wild Red​
Height ​43 3/4"

Dori has had multiple breed championships.  She is a very clean fronted, thick heifer with a super personality.  She is bred to Silvercreek Kent for a late spring 2023 calf.  ​​


     Our Cows and Heifers
Silvercreek Kellie ADCA 49114 DOB 2/7/2020 
Height 42"

Kellie is a very pretty heifer with A2A2 genes.  She is super calm attitude and is out of a cow with great udder structure even as a teenager.  We are looking forward to seeing her calf this year.  She is bred to Silvercreek  Kent.  ​​​
Sprague's Marzipan  ADCA 46437 DOB 9/21/2019
Height 43"

Marzi is a very well bred cow with a calm disposition.  She is clean necked and has a very good udder structure.  She calved without assistance and was a great mother to her first calf, Ballard Family Titan.  She is bred to Glenn Land Mr. Imar for a spring 2023 calf.  ​​​​
Silvercreek Kerri ADCA 51784
​DOB 11/23/21
Dark Red
Height 40 1/2"​

Kerri is a full sister to Kellie and is out of an outstanding cow with great udder structure.  She too has A2A2​ genes.  Kerri is currently being shown by Brian in local livestock shows.  Kerri has limited showing but has multiple class and division wins.  ​
Hanging out at the
​'all you can eat' buffet

Glenn Land Ms. Kate  ADCA 52391 DOB 3/12/22
Height 37"​​

Kate is probably our best heifer.  She is super clean fronted, deep flanked and correct on her legs.  She will stay super clean and feminine as she matures.  Kate is a small heifer that is chondro free and A1/A2. She placed 2nd in her class at 2023 OYE but watch out next year because she will be a tough one to beat as a pregnant heifer. ​ She will be bred to Ballard Family Titan this fall for a 2024 calf.